Friday, December 08, 2006

Obscure facts/news

Couldn't think of a better title for this post. Couldn't think of a better way to integrate this in another post. But here goes:

-Caron Butler was Mr.Basketball in the state of Wisconsin in 1998 in high school. Who was No.2 in the voting? Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo!
Wait till Michael Irvin hears this and justifies his claim that Romo has some black ancestry.

-I had the WAS-PHI game running on ESPN when the talking heads continued yapping about the Allen Iverson issue (he's asked to be traded, if you live on the moon). The camera then moved to Jim Gray. He reported with a very straight face that earlier in the game he had discussed the details of a telephone conversation he had with AI. Apparently the person he spoke to on the phone was an AI impersonator! Some random dude had spoken to him and given him random shit that poor Gray scooped up with glee. He confessed to having been punk'd and finished with the line "I had been duped. I'm sorry". Bravo ESPN! Bravo! But why not laugh at yourselves for a fiasco like this, instead of trying to keep a straight face about the whole issue?


Seth said...

Nice fact on Romo and Butler, man. Imagine if that fool tried to make the NBA.

sunsonfire said...

dude, why do you say that? you think he would've stunk it up?

Seth said...

no, i meant that he'd probably take the league by storm- winning the mvp, roy, defensive player of the year, dunk contest, 3 point shoot out, championship, and finals mvp all in one year.