Friday, November 10, 2006

Around the League - Freaks Special

You've heard of pregame rituals. Check out Adam Morrison's postgame ritual:
He chews tobacco and says he's been doing it postgame since college.

Arenas' $2.60 fine [via truehoop, courtsidetimes]

James Lang was lounging in his chair on the “east coast” side of the lockeroom, minding his own business when Arenas, Antonio Daniels and DeShawn Stevenson addressed his secret life as a “thief.” Turns out, Lang borrowed someone’s deodarant and was banned from the “west coast” side of the lockeroom, the side occupied by Arenas, Daniels and Stevenson. Arenas evicted Lang last week and Lang is not allowed on that side of the room anymore without permission.

Arenas has instituted a system whereby Lang is fined $2.60 every time he goes over to the west coast without permission. Why $2.60? Stevenson wears 2, Daniels wears 6 and Arenas wears 0.

Rasheed Rips Mr.FrootLoop
Rasheed, you're 0-for-8," the guy yelled. "I don't care if I am 0-for-1,000, at least I'm
not wearing a pink and lime green shirt," said Wallace, who for the rest of the game referred to the heckler as Fruit Loop.

[watch the video here]

The Penis Basketball Chair
'Nuff said

Fly on a rhinoceros' ass
Thats what Sam Mitchell had to say on the idea of T.J.Ford doubling Duncan at the post.
Mike Antoni -- now you know what we thought of Marcus Banks defending Harpring alone.

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