Monday, November 20, 2006

Nate Robinson blocks Yao Ming!

As wild and far-fetched as that title sounds, its true. I was watching the Knicks-Rockets game now as Nate -- probably the second shortest guy in the league -- went airborne to block Yao's shot! As Yao raised the ball to make the shot at the low post, lil' Nate leapfrogged to stop the release while whacking Yao in the eye as he completed the swat.

Probably not as great as the Tayshaun-Miller block, but definitely one that will be in highlight reels for a long time now. Remember where you read it first!

Update : Link to the video of the block.

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Seth said...

That was ridiculous. Between that and Nate's put-back tomahawk last week, Nate has made both losses to the Rockets worthwhile.