Thursday, November 09, 2006

Players union talks out on techs rule

The new zero tolerance policy against players' complaining against calls has been the second biggest issue this season(after the new, sticky ball). Personally, I do think the refs have been a tad too whistle-happy when it comes to players who have had a history of complaining. Guys like Rasheed Wallace have been penalized just for standing in disbelief, while the likes of Tim Duncan and continue whining all the way up and down the court. I should say I was pretty relieved to see him get T'd up in the game against the Kinks earlier this week, though he got a free pass against the Suns last night.

In any case, the players union prez, Billy Hunter has requested that refs 'back off' and go easy on technical fouls. This is what Hunter had say, in a recent AP story:

"My staff is talking regularly back and forth with his staff. If we think they're not being sensitive at all, it usually requires a session between myself and David. We haven't had it yet, but the way things are going, I'm sure I'll be calling him in the immediate future."


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