Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Around the league - Tuesday

- Steve Kerr predicts that the Suns will win the Pacific Division. But the most talented roster according to him - LA Clippers. In Kerr's words "Still, from top to bottom, no one in the Pacific has a more talented roster than the Clippers."

- Can Toronto really become PHX North ?
Coach Sam Mitchell's mantra to players : "Just hurry up and shoot"
His aim : 100 shots a game! (full story)
OK, reality check : The Suns shot only 87.4 times a game last season

- Magic's giveaways this season, to lure the fans to games - Arroyo Bobbleheads, Darko fly swatters (full story)

- Second highest player on the Lakers' current payroll : Brian Grant! Yeah.. he is still paid $15 mil a year by the Lakers. (full story)

- Kirk Hinrich not likely to be extended before next summer (full story).


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