Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chris Kaman signs extension with the Clippers

ESPN reports that Clippers center, Kaman has signed a 5 year extension with his team. He has accepted the $52.5 mil offer the Clippers made. Kaman was previously offered 5/50 around ten days back but he wrote in his blog a few days back that he thought he deserved more.

True - he is part of a dying breed (not cavemen, idiot! centers) and he does infuriate me with his O rebounding while playing the Suns, but is he worth that much money? Apparently, I'm alone in thinking so. The ESPN report says that Kaman was likely to be offered a max contract next summer by many teams!

Bottom line - there is no escape for Suns fans from the 'Caveman's curse' -- we're gonna have to watch him play our team at least 4 times a year.



Dave said...

I never heard the "caveman" nickname until I was at Game 5 of the Playoffs last year hearing our fans chanting it. That was the best Suns game I've ever been to (only the third in my life). Here's why:

M said...

Hey Dave,

Didn't you notice the uncanny resemblance between Kaman and a caveman (besides the similar sounding name) before that?

He and Cassell combine to make the Clippers the ugliest team in the NBA. :)

And did you say you were at game 5 last in year's WCF? Lucky you!