Thursday, October 19, 2006

Steve Nash can cuss in Italian :)

Most of you must've heard/read about the technical foul Steve Nash got slapped with in the preseason game against the Clippers yesterday. The fact that Nash (of all people!) was accused of cussing has been the point of endless speculation in the blogosphere. Some have discussed the possibility of Nash having a potty mouth...others have defended him, saying he was retorting to Alien Cassell's taunts from the sideline.

After all, Nash is, in coach D'Antoni's words "Canadian". Many fans have been flummoxed by the remark and its intended meaning. From what little I know about Canadians, they are a polite lot and D'Antoni probably was alluding to that to plead Nash's innocence. Nevertheless, this adds to D'Antoni's endless list of wisecracks.

Being a huge, huge fan of Nash, I had to do my bit to uncover the truth. Obviously, I was looking for evidence to prove Nash's innocence. But guess what I've ended up with after rummaging through all the web has to offer!? Nash is a multilingual cusser!

This article in Slam Online has the following quote from D'Antoni

"We were scrimmaging today. He even cussed in Italian."

That doesn't quite help his case, eh?

The article also speaks of Nash's love for soccer. On the influence of soccer on his basketball, he said

"For me, I'm heavily influenced in soccer," Nash said

"You see it a lot in international players the influence soccer has had."

"It allowed them to gain an advantage somewhere along the line. Whether it be agility or footwork, or passing angles and finding creative ways to get the ball either to the basket or to pass it to someone. I think there is something to be transferred from each sport."

Yes Sir! You da 2 time MVP, you know best.

Lastly, some good news for the Nash family:

His brother Martin is a member of the Vancouver Whitecaps which won the United Soccer Leagues First Division championship Saturday.


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