Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thanks for the support so far!

A quick, but HUGE thanks to all of you have been reading this blog. Its good to know that some of you've liked it enough to subscribe to the RSS feeds.

Shameless request : If you guys could show your support by dropping a line in the 'comments' section, that would be Suntastic. You don't have to say you love the blog or anything, something like "damn! you stink dude" would work too (because I'll know you at least took a sniff :)



Anonymous said...

you should blog about the suns/lakers game...especially about amare

M said...

Yes Sir,

Will do that. However, the game is not on NBA TV and I'm not from the LA area, so I will do a write up based on what I hear on the radio and what I glean from other reports.

Thank you for commenting!