Friday, October 20, 2006

Suns beat Kings, Cassell caught gyrating, Kidd thinks ball is sticky

Allllright! The Suns steamrollered the Kings 111-94 in their pre-season meeting a few minutes back.

Game highlights

  • Steve Nash - he's not the 2 time MVP for nothing. He had 6 assists in the first 9 mins of the game.
  • Nash finished with a brilliant scoreline on 100% FG shooting.
  • 27 mins 6-6 2-2 3-3 13 asts 2 stls 17 pts
  • Suns scored just 10 points in 2nd quarter
  • Suns then came back to score 43 points in the 3rd qtr
  • Shawn Marion - 20 points, 8 rebs
  • James Jones rediscovered some of his shooting touch, scoring 15 pts on 5-11 shooting and making 3-7 from 3 pt land
Highlights from the Clippers vs Lakers game
  • Clippers won 91-90
  • Reggie Miller, Cheryl Miller, Steve Kerr - 3 of the 4 who tested the new ball (Mark Jackson was the 4th) were at the game. So they were confronted about the lousy job they'd done of testing the ball.
  • - Reggie and Steve both sidestepped the question by saying they only dribbled the ball a little and mainly shot it around for a brief while
  • - Steve Kerr had a good suggestion though : there is a problem only when you're sweating, so take it easy and try not to break a sweat
  • Sam Cassell was pulled aside by a referee for excessive hollering and warned. It was during a timeout, so the conversation was quite audible.
  • ref to Sam Cassell : If we're talking like this, its OK. We won't tolerate it when you wave your hands or gyrate
  • Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller gave the ref a tough time, joking about his use of the word 'gyration' in this context
  • Cheryl Miller later spoke to Sam and asked him what he though of the word 'gyration', to which Sam replied
    "I've never heard of that word. I've lived in the East Coast and am in the West Coast now. I haven't heard that word, ever! Not in English..maybe its Russian or something"
I say, admit it Cassell : you're an ALIEN. That's why you've never heard that word!
  • Seeing a jersey with the name Evans on the floor for the Lakers, Kaman probably deemed it safer to sit out preferring to save his family jewels. Poor chap is so traumatized by the Reggie Evans incident. It never gets old - watch it here. btw, the guy on the floor was Maurice Evans :)
Other news:
  • How desperate are the Golden State Warriors to do well this season? Don Nelson has been promised $1 mil if GSW make the playoffs , $1 mil if they get to the conference semifinals , $0.5 mil if they get to the conference Finals , $1 mil if they get to the NBA Finals
Good luck with that, Warriors.
  • Jason Kidd on the new ball:
  • He complained that the new ball sticks to the rim.
  • He even offered a conspiracy theory:
The NBA is probably trying to legalize knocking the ball off the rim, like in international basketball. The ball sticking to the rim will make that easier
  • Bulls beat the Spurs 99-67!
  • The Spurs scored just 8 points in the 3rd quarter


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