Thursday, October 19, 2006

Josh Howard rumoured to have signed 4 year extension with the Mavs reports that Josh Howard has signed a 4 year contract extension with the Mavs for a sum of over $40 mil. Just 5 days back, Dallas Morning News reported that Howard was miffed with the Mavs for low-balling him.

Cuban had offered him a contract in the near abouts of 5/28 or so and Howard was rightfully insulted by the offer. He is after all, the no.2 option in a team that reached the NBA finals last season. Considering that Cuban had been asshole enough to let Nash go (God bless him for that!), a lot of us Suns fans thought that he was going to make the same mistake with Howard. I guess it was just wishful thinking on our part :)

With Josh now signed to an extension, Diaw and Hinrich remain the most prominent contributors from the 2003 draft class not to have been extended by their respective teams. I'm sure most would agree that Diaw is a far better player than Diaw...well they are very different players, but its no secret that Diaw is far more versatile and talented. duh! 3D can play all 5 positions. Can you think of anyone else who can do that in today's league?

To quote the ESPN article,

It's believed the Mavericks, sensing the issue might linger with Howard all season, increased their offer in recent days to make it clear to the swingman how much they value him.

Now thats a smart organization. Come on D'Antoni! Do something and sign Diaw before Oct 31.

I know what you're thinking -
He's French! So he must be rude. I don't want anymore technicals!

But you do know that your theory was proved wrong 2 days back when the genial Canadian on the team cursed.


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