Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So easy a Kaman can do it !

Even as the Suns management and Boris Diaw's agent Doug Neustadt grapple over the terms of his contract extension, the Clippers -- run by Mr. Scrooge Sterling -- have offered Chris Kaman a 5 year $50 mil extension.

Chris Kaman was the #6 pick of the powerful 2003 draft which produced the likes of LeBron, Melo, D-Wade, Bosh, Hinrich, Barbosa, Diaw and Josh Howard. Did someone say Darko? umm..please talk to the guys at FreeDarko for all things Darko(did you know freedarko is an adjective now?) .

The stars - Bron, Melo and Wade have already signed multi-year extensions with their respective teams. So have Bosh and Barbosa. I'm not sure what Kirk Hinrich's contract situation is. I doubt if the Bulls would low-ball him, considering what a stud he's maturing into. We've already discussed Diaw, so that leaves Kaman and Josh Howard as the ones not to have inked a deal.

Granted, quality centers are sparse in the league today, but 5/50 is the best Kaman can expect. To be frank, I feel 5/40 is good enough for him but thanks to a gent name Nene Hilario, the asking rate for big men has skyrocketed and even Scrooge couldn't skimp on signing Ka(ve)man!

Our paparazzi came up with a few pictures of Kaman during contract discussions and later when he was mulling his contract, which we share below.

The above picture was taken just as he was getting ready for his first meeting to negotiate the contract extension.

But ever since he received the 5/50 offer, every Tom, Dick and Harry has been egging him on to go for the deal. The sensitive guy that Kaman is, he's pretty pissed with the whole situation. The next picture is indicative of such a situation.

I have a feeling he will settle for "some roast duck and the mango salsa".

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